Export best coffee powder

Coffee plant grows in tropical areas. Fruit of this plant is green and when it becomes raw changes to yellow, then red and at last brown. After picking the fruit they dry that under sunlight. After grinding the dry fruit, you have coffee powder that is suitable for brewing and drinking. Export best coffee powder in Iran also is done.

Coffee powder is obtained from coffee dried seeds after grinding them. Boiling and brewing the powder consequences a hot drink that is good for stopping tiredness. Nowadays production and export best coffee powder is performing in Iran. Various colors and packages and different prices for coffee are available.

There are various productions of coffee in markets you just shall choose one.

Export best coffee powder

The coffee powder market

The coffee powder market in Iran goes well. Nowadays many people more than past years like and used to coffee. Many years ago only tea drink was favorite for Iranians, but now coffee is a new competitor for tea between Iranians. Now sale of coffee in Iranian markets and stores is prevalent.

Coffee is known in various kinds as well as coffee mix, Nescafe, and is provided by water or milk. Sometimes sweat and sometimes bitter. Sometimes you can find a parcel of coffee that is mixed by dried milk and if you like coffee with milk and are in a condition that milk is not available you can use this kind of ready coffee.

The coffee that is produced in Iran is one of most bitter coffees in world but many bodies are all in favor of it.

Export best coffee powder

Export best coffee powder

From 6 centuries ago coffee was known in Iran but industry of coffee is newborn. Recently some actions were started in Iran and cultivation of coffee plant was operated in some southern and east southern states of Iran and through that some factories were built. Despite this industry is young but producers try to supply the best coffee powder.

Export to neighbor countries shows that this article beside its bitter taste is favorable for some people. According to Iranian customhouse reports; in first five months of 1396 nearly 27-ton coffee powder was exported. Iranian produced coffee was sent to Afghanistan, Iraq and Oman.

Today coffee is the second profitable trade in world after petroleum. It is favorable drink and finds its votaries in Iran.