Export Arabica coffee beans

Arabica coffee is a species of coffee plant that its birthplace is Yemen mountains and grows in Arabian Peninsula, though it grows in Ethiopia and Sudan. Even in Hawaii and Brasilia this plant is cultivated. Export Arabica coffee beans is performing in Iran also.

60% of world coffee is Arabica coffee. It has bitter taste and higher ph. Although its name is Arabic but this plant is cultivated in many countries. Central America, east Africa, Indonesia, southeast Asia, china and every place that has low pH soil. Export Arabica coffee beans is prevalent this article has votaries.

Is Arabica coffee beans a new production or it is well-known for all users?

Export Arabica coffee beans

What is Arabica coffee beans?

As it was said in prior lines Arabica coffee is a species of coffee plant that grows on bush and many countries of world cultivate that. Wild plant of Arabica grows in high areas on mountains. The flowers are white and are 10-15 mm in size. Raw fruits and seeds are brown.

A normal fresh bean of Arabica coffee contains 12 mg caffeine. Per gram of dry mass of bean has 0.76 mg caffeine. Arabica seeds have 4-7 % Cafstone (Diterpene) in normal weight. It is more bitter and a chief part of used coffee in world is pertain to Arabica coffee. Iran is the main producer of coffee in middle east. Despite of sanctions Export Arabica coffee beans from Iran in stellar amount done.

The first coffee producer company in Iran operated in 1384.

Export Arabica coffee beans

Export Arabica coffee beans

Since 1387 through dense production and observe national and international standards Iranian company was able to export its yield to England, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland. The first exported party of coffee from Iran was to England. Because of sanctions this export to England stopped but to Germany resumed.

Export Arabica coffee beans to markets of Afghanistan, a.U.E, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon, syria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Belarus and Senegal, provides demands of these countries. Now in export market, India is Iran’s rival and was successful against Russia.

Although Iran is a main producer and exporter of coffee but in Iran use of coffee is lower than tea and this issue needs to be debated.