coffee bean direct

The  coffee bean direct French roast delivers in bulk. They use this coffee to make bitter espresso. Because coffee beans in this step, have lost much of their features and structure and have become bitter. To make this coffee, a lot of things have to be done to get the desired result.

coffee bean

Before anything else, to make a good espresso, the coffee bean must be carefully selected. It means, In addition to consider the quality and roast, the correct blending of beans is also important. This combination can affect the taste of espresso. Dark roast coffee bean result in a bitter and dark beverage. Especially if the percentage of Robusta beans is high. In order to prepare French roast coffee, it is better not to use Arabica beans. It is a pity to lose their flavor.

coffee bean direct

The best Robusta coffee beans suitable for Espresso French Rect are:

  • Indonesian Robusta coffee bean
  • Robusta Indian Coffee
  • Java Coffee beans
  • Vietnam Coffee bean
  • Coffee Sumatra
  • Robusta Coffee Brazil

French Roast Coffee

french roast coffee

French roast coffee is definitely a bitter taste. Because coffee beans have been roasted at high temperatures and more time. At this level, coffee will lose all moisture and caffeine and become completely light. But the taste will be very bitter. The feature of French Roast is listed below:

  • The color is very dark
  • Beans are quite oily and shiny
  • Bitter taste
  • Light bean