Arabica coffee bean

There are more than 100 species of coffee in world, but 2 abundant species are Arabica and Robusta. Actually they have the most product and usage in world. Arabica coffee bean has more buyers and its cultivation is harder. Maybe because of this reasons Arabica coffee bean prices in all of world are higher than Robusta.

As we know coffee has useful antioxidants for our body. Arabica is purchased more than Robusta in world, but both of them have their station. Sometimes and in some places their mixed use is usual. But Arabica coffee bean is more favorable.

What is the reason you are in favor of Arabica or Robusta?

Arabica coffee bean

Difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee

Totally, upbringing of Robusta is easier; it grows higher than 6 meters and stands against to insects. Arabica plant is 4.5 meter and more vulnerable to insects. Arabica coffee bean is linear and has S-shape, but Robusta is spherical (globular).

The 2 kinds of coffee have different chemical compositions; Robusta contains more caffeine, so that every Robusta bean has 2.7 % caffeine but Arabica has 1.5 %. Arabica seeds are oilier and this affects the taste of coffee.

Which flavor in which part of world?

Arabica coffee bean

Where to buy good Arabica coffee been

Coffee grows all tropical parts of world. In all over of world, coffee is produced on a braid that is between tropic of Capricorn and tropic of Cancer. Coffee in every district that grows has different taste and smell. You may choose an area of cultivation to find your favorite coffee and call that a good one.

Brasilia is the chief producer of coffee, and then Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia. Colombia coffee has mild and rose-like smell. Kenia coffee has flavor like berries and sometimes citrus. Arabica coffee bean is mild bitter and a little sweat.

Dose it worth to pay more prices for Arabica coffee bean?

Arabica coffee bean

Arabica coffee bean prices

After water, coffee is the cheapest drink in world. After Robusta, Arabica is dear and maybe because of more caffeine and bitterer taste, Robusta is less favorable between world users. But Arabica has sweat taste and has fruit-like flavor.

Besides, as it was said in prior lines cultivation of Arabica is bothersome and these functions affect the Arabica coffee bean prices. Arabica coffee bean is expensive but doesn’t lose its backer. In Iran also Arabica is 70000 to 200000 toman per Kg and more times it proffers mixture of both. Nowadays prices for coffee in Iran are not reasonable.

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