‏ ‏Nick Avaze Kayhan commerce started its activity in 2015, with the cooperation of the “Iran ‎Chocolate Market” in the fields of coffee, instant coffee, chocolate and industrial chocolate. ‎Initially, the company was limited to packaged instant coffee such as Torabica and Goodday. But ‎after a good deal, he focused on selling bulk products.‎
The main goal of Nick‘s business is to provide first-class coffee and chocolate products and to ‎conduct healthy and satisfactory deals on domestic and foreign markets. In the same vein, Nick ‎offers the following products to traders and business activists:‎


• Raw Coffee Bean
• Roasted Coffee Bean
• Italian Coffee Brands
• Industrial chocolate

Nick business activities

Nick‘s trading company, with the help of its sales team, offers the following products throughout ‎the country as well as in international markets. The most important bulk products of this company ‎are:‎

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• Green coffee
Coffee beans
• Bulk Cappuccino
• Coffee Mix powder
• Nescafe coffee
• Spray dried Coffee
• Freeze Dried Coffee
• Instant Espresso powder
• Hot Chocolate Powder
• Liquid Chocolate
• Bar Chocolate
• And all sorts of chocolates

Also, the company has put some of the famous brands of coffee on its sales list:‎


• Molinari coffee
• Tonino Lamborghini Coffee
• Lactic Coffee
• Coffee Lavaza
• Coffee kimbo
• Slimming potion
• Ganoderma Coffee

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All coffee beans are shipped directly from the factory to the whole country. Also, Nick Trading ‎Company is able to export all types of coffee beans to world markets.‎
The sale and supply of various silos of coffee including Glass and Brass silos also coffee roaster ‎machines are among other NICK business activities.‎
In the end, we are proud that in this short time we have been able to develop our activities ‎throughout Iran and have the support of our dear customers.‎